Advantages and disadvantages of using media for communicating (2008/04/14)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. These days, we are having a lot of happenings because of high technologies. And because of that many people are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of using those technologies.
For today’s topic which we will tackle is “Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective from comics, books, radio, television, film, and theatre.” And among those six media, I chose books, television and film for comparison.
First, I want to tell the advantages of books, television and film. By reading or watching the books, television and film, we could get information which we wanted to know more. We also could find or imagine how the thing or person looks like because those three medias will describe about that. And one more advantage is that because of those three medias, we could enjoy or relax our mental ability or way of thinking.
On the other side, those three medias also have disadvantages. Because of too much exposure of those medias, the people easily feel tired on their eyes. And the people also could be doing nothing because of too much comfortable mind or thinking by reading or watching. They do not want to do their tasks. And they would not have much communications with other people because they could find the information or thing without asking from other people.
What I want to say is that, it is ok for us to use the technology which is developing time by time. But the thing which we should think is we should not use those medias too much to make out brain not functioning properly.


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